1 min readNov 30, 2022



LIFE as we know will CHANGE!

Whether you’re ready for it or not, the world as you knew 5 or 10 years ago can now be referred to as the good old days.

The economic downward spiral we are facing at this moment is something that you would see played out on the big screen. Many high end stores, magazine publications & small to large businesses are left scrambling to make ends meet.

The moment the $700 Billion dollar plan was initiated the world watched AIG take the company execs on a much needed retreat. This was while the rest of the world wondered how they were going to buy gas, food for the household, keep the lights on & make sure you have roof over your head at the end of the month.


You know who you want in office that’s great.

Make sure you let your voice be HEARD!

Don’t play the sideline hoping for change, without any ACTION on your part.

You have until MIDNIGHT!!!

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