Difference Between Profile Backlinks & Social Bookmarking?

3 min readAug 23, 2022

Backlinks are link juice obtained as a result of SEO. Backlinks and social bookmarking are two critical aspects in SEO.

It is created as a consequence of submitting our website link to another website, and backlinks have a significant influence on website traffic and visibility in search results.

Backlinks are classified into two types: do follow and no follow.

We do you need Do follow backlinks to increase our website traffic and exposure, hence we should target websites with Domain Authority of 30 or above.

One of the most effective off-page SEO techniques for gaining backlinks is social bookmarking. It is the most effective and straightforward approach of obtaining backlinks through off-page SEO.

Bookmarking on social media:

Search engines perceive social bookmarking sites to be high-quality backlinks. And we all know that excellent backlinks assist us raise our website’s and Google Page Rank.

How to Locate the Best Social Bookmarking Sites:

There are various websites on the internet that provide the list. The majority of these listings are outdated and haven’t been updated in years. You might start by collecting social bookmarking sites from various lists and studying them.

Check whether the website is operational or not.
Check to see if these websites are indexed by Google.
Make use of these websites for social bookmarking.

How to Apply:

Choose a location.
Add bookmarks and links.
Connect to social media
Make useful tags
Install the extension

How to Get Social Bookmarking Site Traffic:

  1. Interact with your visitors

2. Raise your score

3. Befriend other users

4.Submit your links for indexing.

Profile Creation sites might help you boost your SEO efforts.

Creating profiles on prominent websites will increase the number of backlinks to your website.

This will boost your search engine ranking even further.

The profile creation sites help your website’s internet exposure.

You may submit your blogs and information on such sites and share them with your fans.

Profile creation websites may be both free and premium.

The topic of today’s article is profile creation.

What exactly is a profile creation website?

A profile creation site allows users to create their profile on any website they like.

Profile creation sites may be created using e-commerce, e-stores, and social networking networks.

When you create a profile, you may add your website URL to the profile page and make it public.

This is the primary cause for the growth of profile building websites.

It allows for a rise in website visitors.

The construction of a profile aids in the acquisition of high-quality backlinks.

SEO advantages of profile building websites:

A free source of high-quality backlinks for your website.

It increases the website’s page authority and domain authority.

raises brand awareness

delivers natural visitors to the website

enhances search engine ranks

enhances the website’s SEO

The Whitehat SEO strategy includes profile development.

“White hat” SEO refers to search engine optimization practises that improve a website’s ranking in SERPs.

Here is the list of sites that get you traffic sources

  1. Instagram 2. facebook 3. twitter 4. pinterest 5. reddit 6. telegram 7. youtube 8. vimeo 9. twitch 10. soundcloud 11. github 12. behance 13. imdb 14. linktr.ee 15. viesearch 16. alltop 17. producthunt 18. wattpad 19. myblogu 20. shutterstock 21. giphy 22. chocolatey 23. ranker 24. hatena 25. dribbble 26. ted 27. academia 28. kiva 29. gitlab 30. bg profile 31. about 32. goodreads 33. Press news release 34. disqus 35. myspace 36. slideshare 37. gust 38. dev.to 39. zippyshare 40. soundcloud 41. raindrop 42. web-urls 43. writeupcafe 44. kdpcommunity 45. moz 46. letterboxd 47. tumblr 48. blogspot 49. start 50. livejournal 51. livejournal news 52. protopage 53. theverge 54. flipboard 55. bibsonomy 56. kooapp 57. pearltrees 58. folkd 59. crunchbase 60. scoop 61. dailygram 62. slashdot 63. kooapp 64. bloglovin 65. instapaper 66. diigo 67. cloudlatestnews 68. flipboard 69. lasso 70. allmyfaves 71. launchora 72. flipboard 73. clouthub 74. sbnation 75. list.ly




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